Have any questions about how we fulfill our mission? Send us a message through our Contact page and we’ll be happy to fill you in on anything you might want to know. In the meanwhile, we hope some of these FAQs will be able to help.

How can I support my favorite missions?

If you find a story that you really like you can either message us with the name of the missionary or project in the About title or contact the mission worker directly if they’ve given contact info. There’s more ways to help out than just financially, that’s why we’ll put you in touch with the missionary you want to support so you can discuss it yourselves.

How do I get support for my missions trip?

Submit a “Support My Mission” form, found on our Contact page.

**Note: Mission Share International reserves the right to refuse to publish stories if grounds of disbelief exist. We will not award financial help to con artists if we believe they are jut trying to take advantage of other people’s kindness.

What if the person I want to support needs a different currency?

We at Mission Share are happy to convert between any currencies where transactions are needed. If you want to make a donation to a particular cause, you can do so in the amount of your choosing and we will see to the rest.


What do I need to know before helping?

We strongly advise you to consider the causes you are passionate about and how much you are able to donate to that cause, monetarily or other. We ask our missionary partners to permit us to share their contact information so you can talk with them yourself. After all, this is all about connected and doing more together.